Green spaces

The irrigation of green spaces has a less commercial purpose.

Users are looking for strong equipment that is easy to install.
There are systems in gardens and parks but also on the roundabouts or sports grounds.

The most used systems:

  • Bucket drip irrigation
  • Sprinkling by jet nozzles and turbines
  • Natural watering

Market gardening

Market gardening is the growing of vegetables, certain fruits, and certain fine herbs and high-added value flowers. Emphasis is therefore laid on quality. So it is important to have precise and uniform systems.

Our experts advise you on:

  • Integral cover
  • Irrigation by winder
  • Bucket drip irrigation
  • Fertigation


The greenhouses enable out-of-season growing and specialised crops.

The operation of a greenhouse requires precise control of all environmental factors.

These specific features involve specific systems such as:

  • Micro-sprinkler
  • Sprinkling by humidification
  • Bucket drip irrigation
  • Fertigation


Arboriculture is one of the major specialities at Kulker.

By arboriculture, we generally mean fruit crops and viticulture (apples, pears, bananas, peaches).

Regarding irrigation, the most suitable systems are:

  • Bucket drip irrigation
  • Under irrigation of foliage
  • Overhead irrigation of foliage
  • Frost protection irrigation
  • Fertigation

Majors crops

Cereals (wheat, barley, corn, etc.), oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, soya, etc.)
and protein crops (peas, beans, etc.) are part of the sector of major crops.

These products are cultivated on two-thirds of farming land and thus represent a large part of irrigated hectares.
This variety of cultivated species on major surfaces requires specialized irrigation systems.

At Kulker, we recommend the following: integral cover and irrigation by winder